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Kroma Projekts Graduation Ceremony Packages

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Calling all schools and universities in Egypt. Graduation season is upon us, #KP is here to livestream your graduation ceremonies to an online audience. Get in touch to receive our special packages. Click Here

"You must have some vision for your life. Even if you don't know the plan, you have to have a direction in which you choose to go."—Oprah. Graduates study hard for several years to get their degrees, and a graduation ceremony is held to honor their achievements. Unfortunately, due to COVID-related requirements, many 2021 graduates were unable to go across the stage to collect their diplomas. High schools and universities are working hard to move away from all-in-person graduations and toward blended and virtual celebrations.

Virtual graduations function by capturing and live-streaming various aspects of the graduation to students and their loved ones. Some colleges choose to have graduates' names projected in a similar fashion to a film's end credits. Others call out each student's name by name, accompanied by images of the pupils. A few schools allow students to submit a slide or short film that will be shown after their names are called.

All of these traditional graduation ceremony features can be carried over into a smooth, live virtual graduation with the right planning and setup. Integrated events are those that allow for some in-person participation while also being broadcast live online. As COVID rules soften in some areas, this is becoming more common. It allows attendees to select between in-person and remote attendance, or both. This gives the students access to share this important moment in their lives with people they love. If you are unable to attend the graduation ceremony in person, we invite you to watch and celebrate your graduates' accomplishments online by selecting the relevant day from the list below and watching a free live stream of the ceremony.

Engage and enable abroad family members of graduates:

Virtual graduation ceremonies can effectively break geographical barriers by connecting your graduates' families all over the world. It will be much more open to use virtual or hybrid modes for your future graduation day, including international students' family members. Classical in-person graduation ceremonies are frequently held on various days or sessions, with a very limited number of guests the student can bring into the venue, probably two, which has resulted in a lot of drama based on physical venue capacity.

Using high-quality video live streaming, you can ensure significant engagement:

Usually sit too far away from the platform during your actual graduation ceremony, struggling to strain your eyes and detect your family's pride within the crowd? This will no longer be an issue. Everyone may experience high-quality video live streaming from the finest available angle. Specifically for the joyful family members during the graduation ceremony!

Creating a strong alumni support network:

Have your graduation ceremony a memorable and spectacular climax of elegance, while also generating long-lasting discussions and important connections to the alumni network, thereby boosting your university's brand image to the world

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