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Live Video Production

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Never Miss The Action

Live productions are significantly more complex than post-produced videos. They require precise execution of a zero-risk plan with multiple backup options, full legal compliance, smooth logistics operations, and creative direction.

With so little room for error, our team prides itself on its diligence and technical capabilities. We fully appreciate the fleeting nature of live productions, our approach delivers creativity, connectivity, and contingencies through our:


Creativity first! With that in mind, we set and stick to a broadcast plan ensuring streams always begin on time. For an audience watching live, this is critical. We reduce risk by setting contingencies and backups for gear, logistics and connections.


With our reliable 6 connection bonded mobile internet solution, our clients are able to stream seamlessly across multiple platforms and with minimum latency for your watching audience. This allows us to continuously develop our service without connection bottlenecks. Our services are scalable and tailored to meet your exact needs using industry standard software and hardware


We are three experienced entrepreneurs bringing a global movement to the region. We pride ourselves on being on time, in the right place, and doing the right thing. We have an established network that allows us to tap into the best support in all areas of operations

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