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Sandbox Festival 2019

Stephan Bodzin lighting up the main stage at Sandbox Festival 2019
Copyright Zeyad Gohary 2019

Date: 13 - 15 June 2019

Day 1 roundup video produced live by the Kroma Krew

Another successful Sandbox festival under our belts. Since 2013, we have produced all content for our close friends at Nacelle Grooves, the producer and promoter of this, the largest electronic music festival in Egypt and the Middle East.

For 3 days in the tourist resort town of El Gouna, on the Egyptian Red Sea coast, Sandbox festival hosts over 40 local and international artists on 2 stages for more than 12 hours of exciting performances each day. With approximately 5,000 attendees, there's always something exciting to be captured.

Kroma Projekts was responsible for all photo and coverage video content produced and shared on social media by the official Sandbox accounts. Our team works hand in hand with the digital agency on site responsible for executing the digital marketing plan.

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