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Copyright: Zeyad Gohary

Pillow Talk's Sammy D and Mikey Tello

This is the first of our artist photographer collaboration series, where, just as it sounds, we feature personal work made by photographers together with musicians of their choice. Works can be documentary in nature, or more abstract; no limits. We would like to encourage artists to work together and explore the audio-visual relationship in anyway it inspires them. Please submit your work for a chance to be featured once every month - this is a project that will continue to develop the more you participate. 

Zeyad Gohary tagged along with Berlin based California trio PillowTalk to a pre-gig practice session before their album launch party at Output club's rooftop in Brooklyn. Together since 2010, the group is known for their soul filled deep house, R&B and disco. Their funkiness moves past their music, imbuing their live performance with a sensual cool aesthetic. PillowTalk recently started a new label called PillowTalk Music, and released an album this past December titled Hold Me Down. Take a gander at the nonchalant ease PillowTalk emanates, accompanied by Tone of Arc (Derrick Boyd) and Greg Paulus on trumpet.

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