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Mixmag: Last night Mixmag, Casablanca Records and Smirnoff Sound Collective came together to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte and Donna Summer’s iconic disco track ‘I Feel Love’.

Donned “the track that changed everything”, ‘I Feel Love’ was honored as the binder between race, gender and all types of people, bringing together every spectrum of lover on the dance floor under the glimmer of a disco ball for generations.

I Feel Love 40 started early on the Thursday night at Brooklyn’s Schimanski, warming up with New York’s own Eli Escobar and Soul Clap’s David Paglia. The full night of grooves, adorned in shimmering disco decor, filled to capacity just an hour in as Nomi of the Smirnoff Sound Collective and PillowTalk’s Mikey Tello raised the energy to glowing proportions.

The crowd was breathtaking and soulfully saturated in glitter, dripping in gold chains, reflective garments, side-stepping with hands high and smiles wide. Local nightlife tastemaker Kavyon Zand arrived at the party’s peak with an entourage of characters dressed in stunning costumes and drag, showcasing brilliant works of art and energy fitting of the ‘I Feel Love’ era.

As the clock struck 11:00PM, a thundering introduction revealed Giorgio Moroder stepping on stage, waving to an electricity-filled crowd with eyes wide in awe in the midst of the legendary producer. The musical pioneer played a set of club bangers and disco classics, with the defining moment radiating as Moroder dropped the song of the night: ‘I Feel Love’. A thundering cheer shook through the entire club as golden beams shot and refracted off a ceiling full of disco balls. Giorgio took to the mic with a dazzling smile: “Exactly 40 years ago, I made this song. I can’t wait to celebrate 50 in another 10 years!”.

The star-studded event was finished off by Studio 54 icon Francois K, whose prime selectors kept the party going strong with house, funk and soul, telling tales to the crowd of his first memories hearing ‘I Feel Love’ and how it indefinitely lit up the nightlife scene.

[Photos: Zeyad Gohary]

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