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Kroma Projekts Collaboration with Industrial Giants Miraco

Client’s Challenge

Miraco faced unprecedented challenges in the wake of Covid-19 and required innovative solutions to withstand disruptions. Social distancing protocols and restrictions on public movement imposed operational barriers, prompting the market leader to consider novel ways of engaging with clients and distributors to continue providing quality service.

Industry exhibitions and roadshows provide essential training, support, and marketing opportunities. Amidst the pandemic many such shows were postponed or cancelled, and organizing safe corporate events grew more costly and logistically cumbersome. As a company that prides itself on keeping its finger on the pulse of the market, Miraco was determined to see its “roadshow” take place and maintain this valuable face time with distributors despite the challenges. Kroma Projekts developed and implemented a cost effective, health-compliant, 360 degree live virtual solution, enabling Miraco to successfully adapt its tradeshow to the changing needs of the market.

Kroma Projekt’s Streaming Solution

Kroma Projekts (Kroma) created a virtual classroom for Miraco’s two-week, six-session tradeshow. Kroma converted Miraco’s on-campus sales showroom into a safe, controlled broadcast room equipped with the necessary tools, staff, and technicians to produce the training program. Kroma leveraged its extensive audio-visual expertise to provide Miraco with enhanced features such as multiple camera angles, audio editing, and slideshow capabilities, allowing speakers and presentations to be seamlessly edited live and on-air, engaging an audience across Egypt in real time.

Kroma’s virtual classroom allowed Miraco to introduce new product models, conduct training, resolve pain points, and strengthen relationships, while mitigating health risks for their employees and partners. Miraco additionally found itself untethered to the logistics and parameters of constructing a traditional trade show booth. Kroma’s virtual classroom solution facilitates a broad range of set design and – when broadcasting from the showroom as Miraco did – the ability to demonstrate a greater number of products. Conducting training outside of the roadshow environment also enabled involvement from departments that do not typically partake in these yearly conferences. The virtual classroom solution increases access and optimizes reach while reducing travel time and costs.


In addition to its audio-visual expertise, Kroma provides clients a stable bonded internet connection through its Net-in-a-Box (NIB) device. The device is literally the internet in a box – anywhere! NIB allows Kroma to bring reliable live streaming capabilities to their clients even in remote locations or areas with weak infrastructure without worry of low quality, erratic streaming.


The show proved a resounding success on several fronts including reach, logistics, and cost. Miraco engaged with more technicians and agents during the two-week period than it typically reaches in a year. Over the course of the session, approximately 1,500 unique users logged in (total number of attendees is estimated to be higher due to multiple attendees per login), compared to Miraco’s typical yearly reach of 900-1,000 technicians and agents. The virtual classroom supported Miraco’s itinerary of both panels and practical classes as well as quizzes and interactive contests. Engagement among attendees was high – more than 800 questions were logged over the course of the sessions, and comment sections were active with attendees showering praise about the effectiveness of the live training sessions.

A specific topic related to “Inverter AC” technology which had become a particular pain point for agents in the field was on the training agenda. Live technical support was provided to positive feedback and post training surveys show the devices are easier to use and maintain.

Quality Management and Customer Care departments were incorporated into Miraco’s training sessions, adding additional value to the virtual classroom solution. Questions and challenges affecting multiple departments were able to be addressed and resolved with speed and clarity, and with involvement from a greater pool of stakeholders than is possible at a roadshow.

Kroma’s NIB-supported virtual classroom solution is a secure, effective, and cost-efficient solution to engage audiences remotely. The solution eases logistical strains caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and although there are certain limitations to the remote environment, companies like Miraco are finding that benefits – including unanticipated ones – of the new model may outweigh what is lost at the traditional roadshow.

  • Virtual classrooms enable a larger audience to attend while maintaining social distance and without logistics, time, and costs related to travel (including transportation, accommodation, and meals).

  • Companies are not restricted to roadshow booth parameters and can use existing infrastructure or construct broadcast sets specialized to their needs, cutting exhibition costs. Logistical barriers of transporting products can be eliminated, enabling demonstrations for a wider range of products.

  • Remote training sessions can be highly responsive and targeted, reaching as many or as few stakeholders as is required and addressing needs as they arise.

  • Engaging with clients and employees in innovative ways can strengthen the company’s reputation and team morale.

  • Recorded footage and gathered data allow companies to review and repurpose material for future training and promotional needs.

While the world continues to grapple with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, market leaders will need to remain agile. Companies who embrace the opportunity to innovate may find themselves not only proving their resiliency but expanding their impact.

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