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[Case Study] Boiler Room - Beats international: live streaming music


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The ability to stream live music events from far-flung and tricky locations has brought niche and underground music to the masses, writes George Bevir

Some five years before the acronym ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out) was added to the Oxford English Dictionary, Boiler Room began broadcasting DJ sessions over the free Ustream platform.

Since 2010, the London-based company has capitalised on – and fuelled – the phenomenon, amassing 875,000 YouTube subscribers by streaming footage of DJs at packed clubs to those who didn’t make the guest list.

Boiler Room head of broadcast production Larry Gale describes the online platform as “somewhere between TV and radio”. He says: “We are trying to do something that is different to both. We aim to capture a sense of the atmosphere and the real experience within the space.”

Boiler Room has offices in London, New York and Berlin, which is where the majority of its output comes from. But it also streams events from all over the world, including South Africa, Japan, Sydney and Brazil.

Boiler Room has grown to be a household name around the world, bringing underground artists into anyone with an internet connections smartphone. In 2019, Boiler Room has evolved into a digital marketing and trend setting agency capitalising on its immense online presence and connection direct link to cutting edge culture.

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